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The Future is Here...Now!

Titan Smokescreens are "Self-Repairing"

That's Right - Like Growing a New Skin

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Titan VapeScreen Is Here

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Finally, a Safer Healthier and Longer Lasting Pipe Screen!

TinsLogo2013For years pipe smokers have had to either forego the benefits of using a pipe screen because, let's face it, it's just not healthy to inhale hot microscopic pieces of metal screen    and hot ashes; OR just take the risk.

Whether you use an old corn-cob pipe, wood, metal, glass; a waterpipe or high-tech vaporizer -

Titan Smokescreen is the High-Tech Answer to low tech Pipe Screens. They're so advanced that they're actually "Self-Repairing"!
Welcome to Titan Smokescreen - home of the first commercially available High Temperature Stainless Steel pipe screen. A Titan Smokescreen is specifically designed to eliminate all the drawbacks to pipe screen use. They're Healthier and Last Longer because they're made from metal with a higher "melting point" and a larger diameter wire. Melting Point is the temperature at which heat begins to breakdown the molecular bonds of metal.
This is what causes holes in ordinary screens.

To learn more about the benefits of a Titan Smokescreen, please visit the About page; there you'll find images graphically illustrating  The Titan Smokescreen Difference.
In addition, you'll find information on the
Care and Feeding of My Titan Smokescreen".

Titan Smokescreen comes in (3) sizes - 5/8" (3)/Designer Tin
                                                                3/4" (3)/Designer Tin
                                              1" VapeScreen (2)/Designer Tin;
We also offer a Multipack with (2)3/4" & (3)5/8" per Designer Tin.
These sizes are designed to fit most pipes manufactured nowadays,
including virtually all brands of vaporizers.

Unlike ordinary brass or steel pipe screens that need replacing
every few days, a Titan Smokescreen is designed to last between
3-6 months
depending on use; and the 1" VapeScreens even longer!

Yes, a Titan Smokescreen is initially more expensive than those little bags of ordinary pipe screens; but over time they'll actually cost less.
Besides, how can you put a price on your health?

Remember that old saying: "You get what you pay for!"?
You put the best in your pipe - why not start with your pipe screen!

Available on-line exclusively at www.thefiltrationfactory.com/collections/accessories
To locate a store near you, please visit the Find A Retailer page. Please ask for it by name; and if your local retailer doesn't carry Titan Smokescreen, refer them to us or let us know and we'll contact them.

If you have questions/comments or a referral for us, please visit the
Contact Us page.

Retailers - please visit the Wholesale page for Product Images and Information.

Thank you for your patronage; and please tell your friends about this
Revolutionary New Product.

                            We Wish You A Healthy/Happy Smoke!


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